Online Benefits Enrollment

Say goodbye to paper forms and administrative nightmares! Savers Admin has the ultimate online benefits enrollment solution for your company. With step-by-step wizards and automated email reminders, your employees will love the simplified process and can submit their information with confidence. The days of incomplete and incorrect forms are gone forever.

It’s simple: employees choose from their preselected list of benefits and HR then approves the chosen benefits. Links are provided to the carriers’ websites so each employee can access detailed information on each benefit option. The completed benefits can even be sent to the carriers electronically! And no more “change of status” problems…those, too, are completed and submitted online for your approval and submission.

It gets better…If you also use Savers Admin payroll services, all elections are automatically updated in payroll and all the new deductions are ready to go. No more long days ensuring new benefit information is entered into the payroll system and no more keying errors! From start to finish, benefits enrollment will take a fraction of the time and eliminate the hassle and frenzy of open enrollment.  

Our Secure Technology, Specific to Payroll

Savers Admin uses Evolution® payroll software. Evolution is a robust, full-featured payroll processing system with integrated HR and Online Benefits Enrollment modules. Contact Savers Admin and put the Evolution payroll software system to work for you!

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Talk to One of our Experts

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