HRIS Module with Payroll Integration

It’s difficult to find a paperless HR system that integrates seamlessly with payroll…unless you are working with Savers Admin! No more importing and exporting data between systems: if an employee record is added or updated, you’re done. And with customizable security rights, everyone from a data clerk to the human resources manager can access only those parts of the system they need to see.

Your front desk clerk needs access to emergency contacts and phone numbers? He logs in and that’s all he sees. Your payroll specialist needs to key hours but shouldn’t see pay rates? She logs in and there are no pay rates. Your data entry staff needs to enter applicant data? They log in and that’s all that’s available. Our fully customizable system is all you need to manage your employee data. No more printed lists that are outdated as soon as you distribute them—just set the security rights for each person and you are ready to go.

Time off accrual, FMLA, benefits, property tracking, education and training tracking, alerts, performance reviews, employee benefit statements…the list of features will convince you this is the system for you.

Contact Savers Admin for a demo today and see for yourself how our easy-to-use, flexible and secure HR module can help your business.

Our Secure Technology, Specific to Payroll

Savers Admin uses Evolution® payroll software. Evolution is a robust, full-featured payroll processing system with integrated HR and Online Benefits Enrollment modules. Contact Savers Admin and put the Evolution payroll software system to work for you!

Talk to One of our Experts

Talk to One of our Experts

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