Dental Reimbursement

Looking for a dental benefit option other than group insurance? Are your employees frustrated by plan limits, pre-authorizations, exclusions and paperwork associated with their dental plan? Does the dental network associated with your plan exclude your employees’ preferred dentists? Let Savers Admin design a direct dental reimbursement plan for you!

A dental reimbursement plan is simple: the employer determines what benefits to provide (perhaps a maximum dollar amount per individual or a percent of charges). The employee visits the dentist of their choice, turns in the receipt to Savers Admin, and receives a check or direct deposit to reimburse the employer’s portion of the expense. No more hoops to jump through and, with Savers Admin’s quick claim turnaround, their reimbursement is in hand in a matter of days.

You determine the plan design and have control of the maximum benefits offered. And by removing the high administrative costs associated with most carrier-insured dental plans, your investment is spent on the services your employees need.

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Talk to One of our Experts

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