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Three New Reps Support Growth in Payroll Services

Three new reps have joined Savers Admin to support the growing list of payroll clients.

William Adeshina, 26, followed his wife, Sara, to Savers Admin. They both worked previously as supervisors in an Orlando call center serving the hearing impaired.

Adeshina grew up in Tallahassee and graduated from the University of Central Florida, where he majored in English and creative writing.

He and his wife share a love for cinema and music.

School Proves Parents Will Pay for Excellence in College Prep

Client Profile

WILMINGTON, N.C. — After a morning rain, the late-spring sun is drying out the playgrounds. Amid the low yellow-brick classroom buildings, children of various ages are noisily engaged in play as they anticipate the summer break.

Wilmington’s Cape Fear Academy, a 50-year-old independent school, serves about 650 students here in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade on a 27-acre campus, plus a nine-acre athletic annex across the street.

Client Profile: City of Winston-Salem HR Department Promotes Service Through Its Own Example to Staff

Personnel management in the public sector is a little different, explained Carmen Caruth, human resources director for the City of Winston-Salem.

The positive part, she explained, is that “you really are a public servant. Every day, we meet the needs of the people [city employees] who meet the needs of people [the citizens]. I’ve never had a job where I directly impact people’s lives like I do in this job. We get to do good every day.”

Expecting a Large Payroll? We’ll Help You Avoid ACH Delays

Will your payroll total more than $500,000 or include an individual payment of more than $100,000, such as sometimes happens with year-end bonuses? If so, you should be aware that Savers Admin’s ACH (Automated Clearing House) provider now requires pre-funding.

There are two ways we can accomplish this. The first is simply to wire the entire amount of the payroll in advance of the payroll check date. The second is to process the payroll within a five-day time frame. Here’s how that can work:

Monday: Savers sends file to ACH provider.


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