Client Profile: City of Winston-Salem HR Department Promotes Service Through Its Own Example to Staff

Personnel management in the public sector is a little different, explained Carmen Caruth, human resources director for the City of Winston-Salem.

The positive part, she explained, is that “you really are a public servant. Every day, we meet the needs of the people [city employees] who meet the needs of people [the citizens]. I’ve never had a job where I directly impact people’s lives like I do in this job. We get to do good every day.”

A Memo From Wanda (Feb 2018)

By Wanda Bishop

One of the most common mistakes in the world of COBRA is forgetting to send the initial notice, sometimes called the general notice.

The mistake is not only common, but also potentially costly, because the noncompliance fee is $110 per day for every day that every notice is late.

A Memo From Wanda (Sept 2017)

By Wanda Bishop

Leaves of Absence are Risky, Complex for Unprepared Employers

Wanda Bishop photoOne of the most common, complicated situations for employers is how to handle employee leaves of absence. An example that comes to mind....

A couple of years ago, a client called us about an employee who’d been out because of an injury unrelated to work.

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