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August 26, 2013 by Savers Admin | HR, Human Resources, Policies, Social Media

Social Media continues to revolutionize the way we (individuals and businesses) connect and share information. As this remains a hot topic for expanding business reach, it’s also important that your organization embrace this communication growth with some guidelines for employees. Even if your company is not using social media on a business level, most likely, your employees are still using it in their private lives. A social media policy allows you to set expectations, protecting your business’ reputation.

August 21, 2013 by Julie Frye | Benefits, Payroll
Determining which employee deductions can be pre-taxed for Social Security, Medicare, federal withholding and state withholding can be difficult to discern. First and foremost, for any deduction to be eligible for pre-tax status, the employer must have the appropriate plan document(s) on file.
August 14, 2013 by Wanda Bishop | ACA, Affordable Care Act, Benefits
With less than 50 days to go until we reach the much anticipated October 1 ACA Open Enrollment period, the race is on to get as much information in the hands of Employers and Individuals as possible.